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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Map of the Sky by Félix J. Palma

The Map of the Sky (Trilogía Victoriana #2) by Félix J. Palma, translated by Nick Caistor

This book is drastically different from the first installment, but continues themes of time travel, romance, and individual perceptions of the world, while introducing a new theme: extraterrestrial invasion. This storyline moves a lot faster than The Map of Time, whether that's because Wells is in charge or because of all the explosions and carnage...But the storyline is definitely easier to follow. HG Wells, is no longer just a face in the crowd, in this story he is cast as a main protagonist. We meet some new people, and reacquaint with some familiar characters, and of course the writer of the story continues to interrupt his own tale; this time with purpose.

Seeing as FJP is determined to write stories near impossible to summarize without ruining everything, I'll try to be careful: Part 1 is the start of Wells's adventure as an impudent fan invites Wells out for a couple of drinks and to explore an ancient artifact hidden in the history museum... and just when things are heating up the author changes scene to years earlier when the artifact is first discovered. In Part 2 Someone very important --from The Map of Time-- is caught up in a difficult romance and needs Wells's help...And Wells is being investigated by Scotland Yard for a crime he didn't commit. In Part 3, everything's pretty much gone to Hell.

Despite the entertainment value in part 1, the high anxiety of part 2, part 3 was probably my favorite. As I approach the 83% marker, and things keep going from bad to worse, to even worse than worse, I started to get the feeling that this wasn't going to end well for anyone and that feeling made me very nervous. And the scenarios being narrated were frightening and grotesque... A part of me was afraid to turn the page, even as the suspense pulled me forward... for another twisted ending.

But if you enjoyed The Map of Time, you will more than likely enjoy The Map of the Sky...And if you thought Map of Time was pretty good but needed more action, you'll effing love it.

Rating: 5/5
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Jul 05, 13

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