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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Smart Mouth Waitress by Dalya Moon

Smart Mouth Waitress (Life in Saltwater City #2) by Dalya Moon

Peridot is an 18 year old smart mouthed waitress. Her mom took off to LA to record an album leaving Perry in charge of her moody dad and her stoner brother. Despite being in charge of her household, Perry's given herself a mission: find a boyfriend.

This is great light reading, the story flows with wit that borders somewhere between sarcastic and socially awkward... Grammatically, the comma placement needs a little work, but the sentence structure was hardly the most distracting thing.

The characters: eh. They had their high points and low points. 

Perry, the main character, comes off as a strong leading lady in some scenes, an image helped by her smart mouth... But her desire to change who she is, simply to impress men and get laid is a bit ridiculous. I know she's 18, but c'mon; she's taking care of her family, working, driving-- one would think she's responsible enough to know better. If her whole personality is about shock-awe, why would she try to be someone else? But every time I started to think this character wasn't worth reading about, she'd surprise me with a peek into her home life or her relationship with friends...

I did enjoy this book enough to consider reading another installment in the series, but I admit to being fearful that I've seen all Dayla Moon has to offer. 

Rating: 3/5
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 Nov 18, 12

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