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"...while finding true love was one of the most splendid things that could happen to you in life, finding a friend was equally splendid." -- Felix J Palma, The Map of the Sky

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Random Blogger Glitch

I had a few TopTenTuesdays scheduled and for some reason they did not post, instead the reverted to drafts...

I'm going to go ahead and post those manually because I did do them and, why the heck not.

I randomly decided to abandon my current reads to read the new Robert Galbraith novel, The Silkworm...Read it two days, it was so exciting, so I'm working on the review for that... Even though my Coming Soon list, shows Wicked is on its way, its going to be postponed again. I did download the 3rd book int the Silo Saga, only to find I'm not in the mood for sci-fi?

I am having a  really weird summer.


  1. blogging glitches are the worst, ugh. My worst one so far was when my side bar disappeared ugh :p

    1. I notice too, that blogger has a perpetual glitch: It insists I'm not following any blogs, and I open my actual blog and look at the side panel, and all blogs I follow are there; they just aren't registered in blog feed some days...And this was a glitch that's been happening before Google bought blogger...So you'd think someone would have fixed it by now.


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