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Friday, April 24, 2015

U = Upcoming Features

I'm inventing a theme for Sunday. I have not yet decided whether or not it will be a permanent fixture, but right now I like the idea of it and I'm going to see how it goes. 

My first short story collection ever reviewed on this blog was by Scott F Fitzgerald and there was a problem. How do you review one book when it's full of many stories? I wound up trying to do both: review the book as a whole and acknowledge each individual story inside. This made for one long ass review.

 So instead I thought: why not review each individual story as an individual and then upon the books completion review the book as a whole? That way short stories have short reviews and the book review looks a little bit less like pretentious word vomit.

 So when the A-Z Challenge is complete, I will be starting Short Story Sunday. It will feature the first story of the following:

 Second order of business: when the AZ Challenge draws to a close, I will be shutting off the Anonymous comments and turning on word verification. It's nothing personal I just hate spam. So if you'd like to comment in the future, please sign in.


  1. I love the idea you have about reviewing each story individually as it will easier to review it with the detail you need.

    Sean at His and Hobbies

    1. Thank you! It's too difficult to just say "great collection!" when I want to gush over each individual story and why it was good or bad.


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