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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Top Ten Things On My Reading Wishlist

My picks for the Tuesday Top Ten, as invented by The Broke and Bookish. Today's theme is: Top Ten Things On My Reading Wish-list (if you could make authors write about these things you would. Could be a specific type of character, an issue tackled, a time period, a certain plot, etc.) 

This has got to be one of the strangest lists yet, and I love it, because it allows me to list creatively. So what do I wish authors would write about?

  1. A sci/fi-fantasy story about discovering the lost city of Atlantis.
  2. A sci-fi/horror about an alien abduction victim.
  3. A contemporary fic- about someone who was friends with someone who grew up to be a school shooter. Because you have to wonder just a little how the loved one of such a person didn't see it coming and how they get over that they didn't see.
  4. I want a Dracula-esque vampire. No more falling for teenage girls or blood and sex mash-ups. I want a cold, calculating, emotionless, sinister creature of the night... And let's have it written from the monster's point of view.
  5. Pirates at war with each other.
  6. People lost in the Bermuda triangle.
  7. A close encounter with Bigfoot.
  8. Mermaids lost on land.
  9. A dystopian world without sunlight.
  10. Most of all, I want authors to stop getting their romances all up in my paranormal!


  1. 1. Agreed! I love stories about Atlantis, but I have read/heard of very few. Have you seen the Disney movie? That was fantastic.

    3. There's a book like this out this year. I just can't remember what it's called. *goes to check the coblogger's review* YES, And We Stay by Jenny Hubbard!

    5. I am always up for pirates!

    6. Ermehgerd, yes!

    1. I saw the Disney movie, it was very cute! back when animations were still animations. I saw this documentary on it once, about these explorers who sub-cam had found what looked like roads on the sea floor and they speculated about what might have happened to sink a city and whether or not they'd found it....And it was just enough to make you think...

      I'll add And We Stay to my reading list!

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I WOULD LOVE AN ATLANTIS STORY! I think that is the Disney lover in me, but I would definitely pick that up in a heartbeat.
    My TTT :)

    1. I enjoyed the movie, the character of Mole was probably my favorite character, but I think because it is Disney, they had to have certain themes while being child friendly...Not that that's a bad thing, but I'd love to see what someone could do who wasn't worried about keeping to a PG Rating..


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