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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

War of the Worlds by HG Wells

I loved this story, it was dark and exciting; the narrator is a survivor of an alien invasion, searching for his wife in the chaos. For the literature lover, this is a tale written when stories were produced to teach and not just entertain. HG Wells subtly used a martian invasion to snub his nose at British imperialism; presenting a vicious struggle between conquerors and their inferiors. The book ends with the hopeful thought, that even something little can stand up against something big.

Of course, this is another instance of me seeing the movie before I read the book, so in this case the narrator--in my head-- sounded an awful lot like Morgan Freeman. And if we're ever invaded for real, I hope the aliens hire him to narrate their evil plans...

I know my review for this is tiny, but I absolutely loved it.

Rating 5/5
Review originally posted:
 Jul 13, 13

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