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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas Is Coming

I am not a Christmas person; for me, the best part of this holiday is the tree in my living room, sparkling and bright, wafting its scent through the house. But as I am surrounded by Christmas people, I am obligated to try my hardest to make the holiday bright and cheerful for them even if I'm not having the time of my life.

Bah-Humbug! Where's the Grinch when you need him?

Yesterday night, my dad gave me a bit of money, and sent me to Walmart to look for some Stocking-stuffers for my mother's stocking. Normally that's his job, but his actual job had him working overtime and it was unlikely he'd escape to a store. So I discovered Walmart, the week of Christmas, was the epitome of madness. It was like watching panicked looters during the end of the world. Most of the shelves were cleaned out, others looked like they'd suffered a tornado. If I could get near a shelf, I had to get what I wanted or get out...Otherwise, strangers would growl at me. I walked fast, avoided eye contact, grabbed what I needed, and got the Hell out of there.

I'm also done. No more shopping until after the New Year. Bargain shoppers are like wild animals.

I'm also very sure, my brother is going to wait until the last minute to ask me to help him wrap gifts. By last minute, I mean midnight on Christmas Eve. Then I will briefly entertain a fantasy in which I slap a bow on his forehead before throwing him out a window because all I want to do at midnight is go to sleep, before sucking it up and helping him do what he needs done.

Needless to say, with Holiday Shenanigans afoot, I might not be around much this week. So I've pre-scheduled my Top Ten Tuesday post, my Wednesday review, and my Quotable Thursday, to go on without me. The blog will continue to run normally, except I might take longer to answer reviews than normal.

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