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Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Grind Show by Phil Tucker

The Grind Show, is about a demon-hunter named Jason, who absorbs a bit of extra power during a hunt gone bad. Now every demon appears to be after him and he's having trouble finding anyone brave or suicidal enough to stand beside him.

The phrase that best describes this book is "action-packed". There is a demon attack, car chase, shoot-out, and/or disembowelment per chapter. And with an adventure that spans 40 chapters, the story only takes place over the course of 3 days. This book reads a little like an episode of Supernatural, gore followed by welcomed - despite being a little cliched- wit, a must read for Winchester fans.

Things I love: Finally! A female counterpart who is up to the role she's been given. Twain, a musician, victim turned demon hunter, who knows how to aim the business end of a gun. She's strong AND emotional. I'm thrilled Phil Tucker didn't feel the need to make it one or the other. I like that Jason isn't all pure and good, he's got a little demon in him, he's willing to do what it takes to save himself and his friends. I like the little bit of betrayal; his friends turning against him. Its not some crazed-demon-hunter-Utopia. They don't all get along.

Things I wasn't crazy about: mainly grammar, I admit I noticed a lot of run on sentences...But then the character opened his mouth and spoke in run-ons and I decided to attribute the mistakes to Jason the ramble-y narrator. Misplaced commas, but the story moved so fast its easy to stop grammar checking and just read. I really think this was a bit of an evolution of writing for the author...The descriptions in the beginning were a little wishy-washy, but by the end I could see everything as if I were there.

Rating-wise, I was torn; I felt it was better than 3 not enough to be 4 and I rounded up since it was a story I had fun reading.

Rated 4/5
Review originally posted:
Feb 10,13

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