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Friday, June 12, 2015

New Bookstore = New Books

Ever heard of Jeff Kinney? 

Well, Jeff Kinney bought an abandoned building last year, that was destined to be bulldozed flat, with the dream of turning it into a bookstore and Café. He made that dream a reality and just had the grand opening of An Unlikely Story, which went from the ugliest building to the prettiest building on the street.

 The only thing beautiful enough to compete with the blue and gold façade that looks similar to old encyclopedia bindings lined up, was the irresistible smell inside: new book smell and fresh coffee. Jeff Kinney is a brilliant mind, not because I read the books (I haven't), but because he's filling in a massive gap. 

 There was a time, when I could drive 10 minutes any direction and wind up at a Borders Bookstore... Borders who basically committed suicide, when they promoted reading tablets and e-books but failed to up the price of books, and miscalculated how much inventory they could move when digital downloads made shopping child's play. Borders went bankrupt, and Barnes & Noble became the only real book store on the block... And by "on the block" I mean that metaphorically; it's a 20 minute drive to the closest store and a 40 minute drive to the second closest store. 

An Unlikely Story: Bookstore & Café, is not a retail giant and I'm just fine with that. The store is beautiful inside and out, conveniently close to me (maybe not you), and perfect for when a digital download just won't do. Of course I didn't go check out the new bookstore without making a couple purchases.

 I picked up China Mieville, The City and The City,  since I'm struggling to focus (my Kindle Fire isn't the best kindle for reading) and The Yard by Alex Grecian.

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