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"...while finding true love was one of the most splendid things that could happen to you in life, finding a friend was equally splendid." -- Felix J Palma, The Map of the Sky

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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Suspect by Robert Crais

Officer Scott James isn't really a dog person, but rather than take retirement, he joins a K9 Unit. Maggie an ex-military dog isn't ready to retire either. Both suffer from PTSD, brought about by witnessing the murders of their respective partners.

Maggie's POV added to the overall emotional feel of this book, based on the things she could understand vs the things she couldn't. The Prologue made me cry, but as an animal lover I admit I find nothing more horrifying than bad things happening to animals. Scott's evolution from "K9 Unit's great because I have no partner" to realizing that in the K9 unit the dog was so much more than a partner.

I think this book was beautifully done. It is more than a mystery. It is a story about two souls who need healing, first, and its about solving a cop-killing second. I think anyone who loves dogs and anyone who loves shepherds will understand this novel and be moved by it. When the mystery hit, it wasn't overly suspenseful but it was fast paced; a who did what and who can you trust with a great ending.

Rating: 4