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Saturday, April 25, 2015

V = Vampires

They're undead, they feed from the living. They scare us, they seduce us. They can save or condemn us. And whether your favorites are good or evil or somewhere in between, there is no denying that despite the hundreds of legends, myths, monsters, and all around paranormal and supernatural tales, there is something about the idea of vampires that human beings cannot let go.

So what is it about vampires? Are they a cautionary tale, showing us the price of living forever is too steep to live with? Does it speak to a primal fear of a pretty face hiding a deadly secret? Or the burning curiosity of needing to know more about the dark and mysterious forces of nature surrounding us at any given moment, dictating whether we live another day or die alone in an alley?

Whatever the reason, you can't escape vampires. They've been in books for decades. They conquered movie theaters without even trying. Now they've made themselves quite at home inside your television. Vampires aren't going away.


 Why do you think vampires are so popular? Who's your favorite creature of the night?

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