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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

L = Library

What is a library?

A library is basically the nexus of the universe. It's where ordinary citizens can go and be transformed into Time Lords; see what happened, what's happening, what could happen. See every dream and every nightmare ever pulled from the minds of mere mortals.

Just pull a portal off a shelf and go to Hogwarts, Narnia, or Middle Earth; go to 1922, 1590, or 3306. Go watch Hitler commit crimes against humanity, watch Monet create a masterpiece, or visit with your favorite Intergalactic Queen... What ever adventure you desire can be located at a library... Unless it's in your head, then you need to write it down and add it to a library.

Some libraries can be quite beautiful, like this one in Austria's Melk Abbey.

Some can be very large, like Trinity College Library in Ireland.

Or oddly shaped like Stockholm Public Library.

Some can be built for comfort and accessibility like Prague Public Library, Oklahoma.

What libraries, big and small, all have in common: You go there, to go elsewhere.

*Please note: I am not responsible for your failure to portal jump.*


  1. I love libraries of all sorts. Just dropping in from the A to Z from a link on Diane Coto's blog FictionZeal.com

    1. Libraries are so important! I wish more people used them!

      I opened up my wallet once, in front of a friend, and she went, "You carry your library card around all the time?" I went, "Of course, don't you?" No, she didn't. It doesn't make sense! It's a passport to the nexus!

  2. One of my favourite L entries today. Have just tweeted a link but didn't know if you were on Twitter so couldn't tag you.

    Loved the different library photos and your description of what you can do in libraries - especially the portal jump!

    Mars xx

    1. Lol, thank you and no I'm not on Twitter. That site is overwhelming with the sheer volume of users and posts...But thank you for sharing the link!

  3. I haven't been to the library in a while. Really should go back.

  4. "You go there to go somewhere." I love that - as I do libraries!


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