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"...while finding true love was one of the most splendid things that could happen to you in life, finding a friend was equally splendid." -- Felix J Palma, The Map of the Sky

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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Quotable Thursday

This week for Quotable Thursday, I'm reading Wicked by Gregory Maguire. One of my favorite moments, in one of my favorite books is, newborn Elphaba's father explaining that "--the baby is damaged."-- Enjoy!
For a few moments, Frex could only shake his head. Nanny did not like him and she would not like him, but she softened. "Frex, it can't be that bad. There's always away out. Tell Nanny."
"It's green," he finally said. "Nanny, it's as green as moss."
"She's green, you mean. It's a she, for heaven's sake."
"It's not for heaven's sake." Frex began to weep. "Heaven is not improved by it, Nanny; and heaven does not approve..."

Quotable Thursday originally brought to you by Bookshelf Fantasies.

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