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Friday, November 29, 2013

Countdown by Mira Grant

Countdown: A Newsflesh Novella 
by Mira Grant

This was an ok novella... A bit of a let down after reading the Newsflesh Trilogy.

What worked:
  • I liked seeing the doctors who created the virus and the jerk who set it free as far as understanding how it all began. 
  • And despite the peeks at the Mason family before Shaun and Georgia became a part of it, the POV of Marigold was most effective at explaining how innocent lives were being affected. 
  • I liked at the end of each "chapter" they showed the news reports. 

What didn't work:
  • The writing was frantic and vague; I know it was supposed to be a short story, but if a prequel is going to be invented it should add to the story somehow--it needed a little development. 
  • I wish the cause and effect had been built upon a little more; the Mason's are lovely before the infection and despite the devastating loss of their son I don't really see how they transformed into rating-hungry villains.

Rating: 2/5
Originally posted:
 May 16, 12

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